A+ Content

show off your brand and bring your product to life

Amazon Product Detail Pages provide many areas for a seller to show off the products. A+ Content is one of the most valuable areas available, allowing for customized images and written content. Due to its highly customizable nature, A+ Content can build your brand, cross brand products, and overcome customer objections. This feature is only available to Amazon Sellers that have Amazon Brand Registry. 

Modern Minimalism 

A mono-chromatic approach was chosen to emphasize on simplicity and a clean look. The single use color is a reflection of guidelines given to reflect Scandanavian minimalism and Japanese modern color choices.

After research was applied, a color was chosen and the content was templated to look clean and simple and utilized icons as a quick representation of features of this product. The background of the images were on white to further emphasize on clean and easy.

The font was a reflection of the font used on the packaging and was bolden to emphasize headers and thinned to show off in a body of text.

Concise Branding, Legendary Results

This product had a lot of information to describe its benefits and features. In order to better organize the information and create sections of it that looked visually appealing graphic templates were created that offered an easy to look at background and flow for text to be placed and organized.

The color was chosen based on the current logo of the customer and was the background for the text in order to make the overall piece more interesting to look at rather than having black text on white. Fonts changed as well in order to further emphasize separation of information and to highlight the important key terms. This was also done using visual icons which represented the product’s benefits to the consumer.

Glamour Meets Simplicity

Much of the design was borrowed and expanded from existing packaging. The look of eyelashes was also incorporated in the use of wavy lines to create this flow that emphasized on feeling organic.

The color palette was monochromatic using different shades of the uniquely chosen color and stacked in layers in order of descending brightness into white. The main color was chosen to be dark enough to properly contrast white text. The font was selected to be simplistic and easy to read and as a replacement for Amazon’s pre-selected font choice in the provided textboxes. 

Different products were assigned different monochromatic color palettes following this templated formula and gives each product their own unique feel.