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Corey is an eCommerce & Branding consultant with a decade of experience managing product sales across marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and on private sites. He has directly managed tens of millions in sales on Amazon both in FBA & SFP models.

Corey specializes in selling on Amazon, utilizing unique and comprehensive brand strategies that build successful long term products. His brand management techniques have yielded massive success for his clients and employers, earning him a reputation as a problem solver and a strategic leader.

As an omnichannel eCommerce consultant, Corey has been featured in many workshops and seminars, teaching others how to build their brands online.

Corey is an advocate for building flexible businesses that bring balance to your life, allowing for freedom of location and time.

Beyond eCommerce, Corey spends his time as a competitive runner, an avid reader, and a nature lover, sharing his passions with his wife and sons.

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Content Design Consultant

Jeff is a Content & Branding Consultant with a decade of experience in the media production and editing process of video, graphics and photography and five years in the world of eCommerce.

He has helped visualize and convert thousands of Amazon pages through the use of text, images and video for a multitude of clients and employers. 

Jeff specializes in recognizing a product’s features, strengths and qualities and building a series of visuals and text to reflect this on its page. His keen insight into selling a product has helped increase the conversion rates of many products successfully resulting in more sales overall. 

Jeff knows the creative process well and stays sharp creatively outside the realm of eCommerce and into his hobbies as well. He has helped a bevy of film productions within his local area and has submitted several collaborative projects himself into a circuit of festivals. He’s helped co-produce and edit many podcasts and come the Halloween season is the director of a large community haunted house that helps to raise and donate money to his local children’s hospital.

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eCommerce Marketing Assistant

Morgan is an eCommerce Marketing Assistant with experience in branding, PR and communications management, social media, and market research. With previous CPG product support on Amazon, Shopify, and through wholesale channels. 

Morgan specializes in branding strategies and execution, as well as team support to help grow the company and create streamlined systems and procedures.

As a marketing assistant, Morgan is here to jump in to any and all projects, use her branding eye to help support creative projects, and complete all types of tasks all the way from Arkansas.

Beyond marketing, Morgan spends most of her time with her silver lab Hudson, exploring the Ozarks, drinking coffee at our favorite spots, and spending the weekends at the lake with her fiance. 

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Featured Podcast

In Spring 2020, Corey was featured in a podcast by WNY MEDIAWORKS to discuss how buffaBRAND helps businesses sell more online.

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