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Meet Corey Founder @ buffaBRAND

Founder @ buffaBRAND Marketing

Corey is an eCommerce & Branding consultant with a decade of experience managing product sales across marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and on private sites. He has directly managed tens of millions in sales on Amazon both in FBA & SFP models.

Corey specializes in selling on Amazon, utilizing unique and comprehensive brand strategies that build successful long term products. His brand management techniques have yielded massive success for his clients and employers, earning him a reputation as a problem solver and a strategic leader.

As an omnichannel eCommerce consultant, Corey has been featured in many workshops and seminars, teaching others how to build their brands online.

Corey is an advocate for building flexible businesses that bring balance to your life, allowing for freedom of location and time.

Beyond eCommerce, Corey spends his time as a competitive runner, an avid reader, and a nature lover, sharing his passions with his wife and sons.

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