Branded Store

Custom Designed Amazon Brand Registered Store 

Amazon Custom Stores provide many areas for sellers to merchandise brands and products. A custom store is one of the most valuable areas available, allowing for customized images and written content.

Due to its highly customizable nature, Amazon Stores can build your brand, cross brand products, and overcome customer objections. This feature is only available to Amazon Sellers that have Amazon Brand Registry. 

Bold Colors Brought To Life

This collection of products provided were all nutritional vitamin supplements that were each unique in what they offered. This separation of product was represented visually based on each product’s color palette.

The homepage is a collage of colors each from their respective product on their own tiles which are linked to their appropriate subpages. The header was created using the company’s logo and bevy of fruit to emphasize nutritional value associated with the vitamins. The color of the header was changed from page to page to reflect each product’s unique look and color according to the label on the bottle.

Each page after the homepage is a page representing one of the nutritional vitamins with their own complementing video and lifestyle images, followed by a direct link to that product’s Amazon page. The visual flow continues on from this storefront page to the Amazon page itself in order to keep everything visually in tandem.

A Reflection of Clean and Simple

To best represent this line-up of products it was decided to advertise the mirrors as a collection. The idea starts in the shoppable image on the homepage to show just two mirrors (each differently sized) and all the unique packaging. This helps create separation between the products in their own unique intended purposes.

The idea of separation carries through into the tiles below which utilizes tiles showing off each mirror with their own hanger. The color palette throughout is entirely the same to emphasize the idea of a collection.

Each mirror is given its own subpage and is treated with a lifestyle image to show intended use as well as a link to its appropriate Amazon page.

Single Product Sells Scary Fun

This storefront was created as a representation of the game in spirit while also teaching about its fundamental rules. The characters from the box were retraced and repurposed in order to be used throughout the store. The color palette and fonts from the box was matched and used in the storefront.

The images for the game and its card types were set on a carousel in order to maximize the space used without overcrowding the homepage. Each slide explains a little bit about the game and the cards inside of it. The overall storefront was intended to capture the lighthearted fun and tropes of the game, while also explaining more in detail what the game and how to play.