THREE TIERS OF PPC: Amazon Advertising Monthly Management

THREE TIERS OF PPC: Amazon Advertising Monthly Management

Pay Per Click Is Essential

As an Amazon seller, Pay Per Click advertising or PPC as its known can be one of the most important areas for your business. Since Amazon PPC is running in the background all day and night in your account, it can be easy to lose track of. This allows Amazon to spend a lot of your money whether the ad campaigns are accurate or not. 

If you're like most of our clients, you've attempted to run a few campaigns on your own. Once in a while, one campaign will do great! More frequently, a campaign will do...just okay. The worst part is if you look at the two side by side, you can't REALLY tell the difference of why. 

Is it the keywords?

Is it the bids? Placement?

Ad Type?

New competitor?

Something else completely?

We believe that the most efficient and profitable advertising is done by an Amazon PPC Expert using a specialized PPC Software. Nothing else compares. 

This is why we offer PPC Monthly Management and in 2021 we're moving to a three tier system to better serve all clients. Below is a breakdown of what we have to offer!

Three Tiers Of PPC Monthly ManagementPPC Three Tiers Image | ppcBOOST

ppcBOOST  includes 2 Hours of Monthly Management for Unlimited SKUs.

ppcBOOST PRO  includes 5 Hours of Monthly Management for Unlimited SKUs and Monthly Ad Reporting Breakdown.

ppcBOOST ELITE  includes 8 Hours of Monthly Management for Unlimited SKUs, Monthly Ad Reporting Breakdown, and a dedicated PPC Ads Account Manager.

Add Ons

Review Automation includes your choice of either utilizing Amazon's internal review request system or setting up emails directly to the customers purchasing your products. Either way, we set this automation up and run it behind the scenes to maximize your return on every single sale. 

One Time Set Up/Clean Up includes as much time as you need to fix current issues or set up all new campaigns. This service is a great place to start, getting everything streamlined from the start so that every penny is accounted for from day one.

ppcAUDIT includes an expert combing through your account in order to create an actionable breakdown for your campaigns. This is an amazing starting place for Amazon Sellers that have run some test campaigns and are ready to take it to the next level.  

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