AMAZON PRODUCT VIDEOS: What You Need To Know About Creating Amazon Videos

AMAZON PRODUCT VIDEOS: What You Need To Know About Creating Amazon Videos

As of 2020, all Amazon sellers that have Brand Registry for their products can add videos to the product pages. Typically these videos replace your 7th image, giving you a valuable asset to help with conversions. 

According to surveys released by Amazon, over 90% of customers say that product videos help them to make purchasing decisions. We have seen conversion rates climb by as much as 75% when adding videos to listings. Basically, having an Amazon Product Video is a huge opportunity that cannot be overlooked. When competing for page one in a crowded marketplace, having the right content can make all the difference. 

Here is an Example:

Why Should I Be Creating Video For My Amazon Listing?

The optimization of a product page on Amazon is one of the single most important factors for long term success. A proper optimization includes 

  • Written Optimization
  • 7 Quality Images/Graphics
  • A+ Content Build Out
  • Product Video

With all these factors, why is video so important? Simple. Videos allow for a large amount of information to be gathered quickly by the customer. This can overcome objections, share key features, and make the purchase more emotionally appealing. 

The average amazon shopper looks at pictures, one bullet, and then skims reviews to make a decision. This is why Video (and A+ Content) is so important. It allows you to show your product off quickly and is easily consumed by the customer with little effort. 

Who Can Use Product Videos On Their Amazon Listings?

Seller Central - Product videos are only available to sellers with Brand Registry.  Posting the videos are free.

Vendor Central - Product videos are available to brand owners. Posting the videos can cost additional fees.

Videos can also be used on the Amazon Storefront and in Sponsored Video Ads, which allows the upfront cost of creating videos to create more sales opportunities at different touch points in the customer journey. 

Here is an Example:

How Do I Add My Product Video To My Amazon Listing?

  1. Login to your Seller Central account
  2. Click on Inventory.
  3. From the dropdown, select Upload & Manage Videos
  4. Click the Upload Video button and select your video file
  5. Enter a title and the ASINs to be applied
  6. Select a thumbnail (cover image) for the video
  7. Click the submit button
  8. Wait for Amazon approval

What Are The Technical Requirements For An Amazon Product Video?

Video file: We recommend uploading files in the highest available quality, up to 1080p but not exceeding 5GB. Currently acceptable file formats are .mov and .mp4.

Thumbnail image: This is the preview image customers will see before they begin playing the video. A thumbnail will be automatically generated for you. If you decide to replace it, use a high quality image in either .jpg or .png format.

Video title: This is the title displayed next to your video.

Associated ASINs: Select the products relevant to your video. If your video is approved, we will display it on the product detail pages of the products you selected.

What Is The Best Type Of Amazon Product Video To Make? 

1. Product Highlight Video

This type of video is focused on just the product. Generally this video type is created on a white background, with either 360° views, panning shots, or potentially product info callouts. Close ups of the product in use or of fine details can also bring the product to life.

2. Comparison Video

This type of video is all about showing your product off as it relates to one or more direct competitors. This is a real chance to show off new features, higher quality, or any major differentiation you've created with your version of the product.

3. Customer Experience Video

This type of video is orchestrated to give potential customers insight from a current consumer of the product. Generally this means a quick explanation of key benefits and how it has impacted their lives. It can create a powerful human connection to a product.

4. Explanation Video

This type of video is product focused, driving home how the product is actively solving a customers issues via a strong script. Often you will see emphasized talking point or a product demonstration throughout.

What Does buffaBRAND Have To Say About Amazon Product Videos?

  • Keep videos simple and cost effective. Video is valuable but an over the top production for an unproven product could leave you in a hole financially. Find your happy medium.
  • Utilize your video content on your storefront, product page, and video ads. Ideally, create one long video for your storefront, cut it down to 30-45 seconds for your product video, and then cut that down to 15 seconds for your video ads.
  • Work with a professional. Video is a difficult format and using your phone isn't going to achieve the desired result. Know your limits. Hire an expert.
  • Invest in video immediately upon launching. With all the money you will sink into inventory, fees, and preparation, there is no value to skimping on video. If you have access, use it!  If you don't spend the money on video, you'll spend it on lower converting Paid Advertising anyways!

Does buffaBRAND offer Amazon Product Video Services?

Yes we do. We focus primarily on Product Highlight Videos with our amzVIDEO package. We have found that to be the most cost effective and professional resource for our clients. 

Here is an Example:

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