razor sharp image details reflect a unique brand

In order to show off this brand’s line-up of mirrors and differentiate the uniqueness each one offers, a template first had to be created for one particular mirror. This included visualizing the 7 images and multiple images needed on top of that for the A+ Content and building that out in a way that can be replicated and recreated in the vision of the other mirrors as well. Once a template was established additional photography (both taken and stock) were added to each of the replicated templates to customize them to each of the mirrors to reflect their intended use and environment.

Once each mirror had it’s content built out it was all woven together using the variations table on the A+ Content and the links from the Amazon pages to the storefront. Multiple links wove each of the mirrors together from storefront to Amazon page to the A+ Content in order to create cohesion of the products and brand and make it so customers have multiple ways to stumble upon this brand’s entire inventory.