Nature's Integrity

Flexible Fun with fitness products

This particular brand offers workout accessories that promise to sculpt your body from usage mostly aimed at a female demographic. It’s logo and branding offers a sort of serene look reflected in its use of a pastel color palette contrasted with a charcoal gray font that is pleasing to look at. This was carried out throughout the A+ Content with the color’s associated with difficulty also being utilized appropriately. The gray is used as a textbox for the headers text and the body paragraphs themselves being gray on white. The font choice is bold and stand-outish to emphasize the idea of a product that’s made for exercising and toning.

The video offers a simple look at another one of this brand’s product with it against white, but constantly moving along with the text in order to draw the eye’s attention. The close-up shot shows off the texture of the yoga wheel in order to show off a selling feature of the product itself.