Package Details | ppcBOOST PRO

ppcBOOST PRO includes 5 Hours of Monthly Management for Unlimited SKUs, Advanced Monthly Ad Reporting Breakdown, expedited communication and a dedicated PPC Ads Account Manager.

Package Lengths: 6 Months or 12 Months (Includes 1 Free Month & Free Review Automation!)

Increase Sales and Visibility, While Reducing Spend Mistakes means that we can take the time to deep dive into every aspect of your Amazon Advertising account. We'll analyze paid advertising (PPC) strategy, types of ads being utilized, budgets, bids, keyword quality and much more. Let our dedicated Amazon PPC experts maximize your return month after month behind the scenes. 

Add On Review Automation To Maximize your return on every single sale. We highly recommend pairing your PPC Management with Review Automation through our third party software. We include this for a low add on price per month, saving your time and energy chasing ratings.  Also available for FREE with all Yearly subscriptions!

Need Additional One Time Set Up/Clean Up? Many times there is a need for upfront clean up of an account to streamline moving forward.  We can add on time as needed to get your account in a healthy place right away!