Package Details | amzMANAGE PRO

amzMANAGE PRO includes 1 Monthly Meeting With An Account Expert, Expedited Communication Support, Access To A Private Project Management Folder, and Inventory/Product Listing Assistance.

Package Lengths: 6 Months (Introduction Only) or 12 Months Subscription

Managing an Amazon Seller Account can be more than a full-time job, especially as you scale past the size of your support staff. We have built amzMANAGE at the request of many clients so we can better support their needs. Let buffaBRAND work with your team, guide your next steps, and eliminate the monthly hurdles Amazon creates to slow you down.

1 Monthly Meeting to discuss issues, opportunities and plan for next steps with your Amazon Seller account. We can help build your brand through consistent guidance and support. 

Expedited Communication & Access To Project Management gives you direct access to our entire team at any time! Whether you need a little insight or you need our team to jump into a project; get a hold of us when you need us!

Inventory/Product Listing Assistance means we can assist with getting things right in your account. We'll help with basic issues such as stranded inventory, annoying Amazon Casework, and small optimizations items. Eliminate all the tedious hassles and work with a team that lets you run your Amazon business.

NCX/VOC Issues can cause product suspensions and long term issues if they are not addressed. If they are consistent, then you need support to help remedy the issues and reduce downtime. 

Amazon Case Management means that we will open tickets and follow up on cases that need resolution. Our entire team has been handling this for years. We understand how Amazon works, how they communicate, and how to get work done.