Package Details | Amazon Optimized Listing

Amazon Product Optimizations have many aspects, but in the modern day of convenience and speed your product images have taken over the role of traditional copy. In the current Amazon world, product descriptions are all about optimizing for keywords to drive traffic. That is exactly why the amzOPTMIZE package exists. It's a quick and easy way to boost organic traffic. 

A Fully Optimized Title is crucial to building a solid listing that brings in organic traffic and works to double down on your PPC keyword efforts. The title is where it all begins and one the most important areas to optimize.

Five Keyword Dense Bullet Points are critical for the success of the listing in that they both help describe the product further and that each bullet include keywords that drive traffic through search.

An HTML Formatted Product Description will help to breakout your search terms further while providing one last area for a customer to read about your brand and product. Using HTML help keep this from being a blob of text. **This area is covered by A+ Content, but will still index for search terms** 

Backend Search Terms & Misspellings are hidden from your customers, but will allow Amazon to index you for terms that may not make sense in your listing, but are still important. These may include common misspellings or odd technical terms. 

Delivery Time - 5-7 Business Days Once All Information Is Provided