Package Details | Amazon Full Product Launch With Brand Registry

Amazon Coaching & Mentoring can be the difference between setting yourself up for success and swiftly running down the wrong path toward failure. Here at buffaBRAND, we have been working on Amazon for 10+ years, building brands, launching products, and scaling businesses of all sizes. We believe in a do-it-yourself attitude blended with just the right amount of experienced oversight. We can help save you thousands by avoiding the mistakes and delays that all too often eat up capital. 

Written Content

Full Keyword Research | Competitor Analysis & Reverse Keyword Research 

Full Written Optimization | Title, Bullets, Description, Back-end Search Terms

Visual Content

Full Photo Optimization | Product Images, Lifestyle Images, Infographic(s)

A+ Content | Full Custom EBC Design Development

Brand Story | Custom Story Module Build Out

Brand Store | Custom Brand Store Design

Product Video | Branded In Studio Product Video

PPC Advertising & Promotion Management

A Comprehensive Strategic Portfolio of PPC Built Custom For Your Product | Guidance and Build Out Of Coupons/Giveaways

PPC Management | A Full 90 Days of Professional Ad Management

Review Management

Guidance On Review Programs / Follow Up

Coaching & Strategy

Two 30 Minute Coaching Sessions On How To Best Prepare And Execute On Launching To Get The Best Results

Delivery Time - 90+ Business Days Once All Information Is Provided