Sell On eBay

Okay, so it's not Amazon or Walmart, but it's more than worth it.

Sell On eBay

Ebay Shopify IntegrationWhy eBay?

Here at buffaBRAND, we work with many different channels across the landscape of eCommerce. Trailing Amazon & Walmart is eBay Marketplace which after a number of down years, has rebounded in the past year. Unlike Walmart, eBay does not require an approval process, so much as a sign up. eBay can be a much more friendly place to sell for new sellers. 

Depending on your set up, you may want to keep your channels separate or integrate all your channels into one feed (recommended). This can assist with inventory management, pricing control, and general information exchange across platforms. If this is a little over your head, do not be intimidated. We can assist to get you up and running! 


What’s Next?

Since eBay requires a sign up registration, your next step is to head to eBay Marketplace Sign Up. Once approved and set up, the fun begins of getting your products set up and ready to sell. We suggest integrating with Shopify to control all of your channels from one easy to use dashboard.

If you need assistance with getting started, let's set up a call to discuss how to make this work for your company. 


I Already Have eBay, Now What?

Well, the answer here is, it depends! Are you ready to launch your products? Do you need assistance setting up an integration properly? Or, are you ready to market and sell to max out revenue? 

No matter your place in the journey, we can help you take the next step. Reach out today!