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Our Team, Is Your Team

Have you ever wished your Amazon business had an eCommerce department? 

With buffaBRAND, you get our entire team of experts working on your account. That means you now have an expert for areas like brand strategy, PPC advertising, custom graphics, and overall account management. No training, no paperwork, just an instant team working to scale your business. 

What Can ONE Call Do For You?

One Client Shares His Thoughts...

Q) What services have buffaBRAND’s team provided for your company in the last 12 months? 

A) buffaBrand has provided my company regular coaching calls for the past year and PPC advertising for the past six months.

Q) What benefits have you experienced as a result of (regular) coaching calls with Corey?

A) Corey has given me remarkable clarity and peace of mind as I navigate my Amazon selling journey. He has helped me to avoid pitfalls and to spend my limited time in the areas that matter most in order to reach my goals. Now my refined A+ content and storefront are driving sales together with PPC advertising in ways I would surely have missed just guessing my way along.

Q) What changes have you seen within your account since outsourcing PPC Advertising to buffaBRAND?

A) Since outsourcing PPC Advertising to buffaBRAND, my Amazon sales have seen a 400% increase together with a slashed ACoS. In just a few months my anxiety turned to delight as this experiment paid off. Replenishing inventory fast enough has become my biggest new stress, and that's a good problem to have.

Q) What do you like most about working with the team at buffaBRAND? What did it change about your business?

A) Corey is easy to talk to and an excellent listener. I'm always confident in receiving counsel from him because I know he has made the effort to deeply understand my business and my unique goals. Best of all, he can back up that good nature with data-driven results.

Q) What advice would you give an Amazon Seller who's considering buffaBRAND’s services?

A) Give buffaBRAND a try without hesitation and save yourself the time and headaches of going it alone. Part of the leap of faith in evolving from freelancing to building a business is knowing when to reach out and leverage the talents and skills of others. You won't regret getting Corey and his team involved in growing your business. I wish I'd done it much sooner!

Matt J. | Amazon FBA | US Marketplace


Which countries and marketplaces does buffaBRAND work with? 

We mostly focus on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.au and Amazon.uk because we offer our services exclusively in English, but can assist in any Amazon Marketplace around the globe if you’re multilingual.

We are located in Buffalo, NY, United States (EST) and will work with all time zones as needed. 

Are there any long-term contracts required to be signed? 

Short answer, NO. All packages are for the terms disclosed within, usually by the hour, week, or SKU. We do, however, offer custom long-term services with extended terms. Message for details.  

How do you communicate with your clients? 

We utilize Zoom Calls & email.

What if I have some questions before I order? 

Please feel free to reach out ahead of ordering, however, it is our policy not to get into the details of the order until an order has been placed. For current or former clients, exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.

What happens when I place my order? 

Immediately after placing your order you’ll receive our engagement form and instructions for the next steps. Our detailed form will walk you through the step-by-step process to get your order started and completed as quickly as possible.