FROM THE TOP 1% - Real Life Advice From Top Amazon Sellers

FROM THE TOP 1% - Real Life Advice From Top Amazon Sellers

If you live and breathe Amazon, you hear about the Top 1% all the time and if you’re anything like me, you have to be asking yourself, how do I make this happen for my business!? What are they doing that I am not? Are these business owners really that much better at this than I am?

Well, I am here to give you a little taste of what the Top 1% are doing differently that you won’t see on forums or hear in $1000 webinars. 

Start With What You Know...

Top Amazon Sellers Don’t Do Everything. They are good at analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s be honest, we all have them. Many owners are passionate about the product line or have a strong background in operational efficiency, but perhaps they aren’t as sharp with technology or digital marketing. Struggling through an area of weakness will cost you time, energy, and money that could be better attributed to handling your strongest area. 

If you’re really strong at working with suppliers and developing amazing products, but don’t quite understand how keywords or PPC work, stop wasting resources pretending. Many Amazon Sellers are doing their business a disservice by trying to do too much. Take a few minutes today and think about an area where your business isn’t putting its best foot forward.

...Invest In Coaching...

Ever notice how many coaches are on the bench at professional sporting events? Even the greatest players need a coach to find and stay at their best. Coaches serve an incredibly vital function. Coaches are always analyzing and iterating by looking at everything through a lens of experience and knowledge. 

Amazon is no different. Since a Coach isn’t bogged down with the day to day details of the business, they are able to see past short term problems to build long term solutions.

The best sellers set big goals and work with teams of talent, including coaches and mentors that can help them build the framework of success. Working with an Amazon Coach is a great way to expedite your business timeline by leveraging the knowledge base of an expert.


...Outsource The Rest

The top sellers don’t outsource everything, but they all outsource something! One of the single biggest reasons being a successful Amazon Seller is very difficult is that running an Amazon Business requires a lot of different niche skills. I don’t know many people that are great at keyword research, paid advertising, copywriting, photography, videography, brand strategy, product development, customer service just to name a few of the required skills.

Are you a brand new Amazon Seller? 

Start off by doing an internal audit. Make a list of all tasks you have to get done to sell successfully on Amazon and break them into three categories. The categories are “I Handle, My Team Handles, We Outsource”.  Be clear from the start where your focus and money should be spent.

Are you an established Amazon Seller?

The above tactic can work but I suggest hiring someone to provide an unbiased Amazon Account Audit. A deep dive into your account can provide you with insights and action items that can then be further broken into the three categories listed above. A single audit and reorganizing of task ownership can provide a spark that can be the difference of massive growth in a short time period.

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