AMAZON BRAND REGISTRY: IP Accelerator Speeding Up Access

AMAZON BRAND REGISTRY: IP Accelerator Speeding Up Access

What is the Amazon IP Accelerator Program?
This program was created by Amazon to help connect brand owners to law professionals during the trademarking process. This program also was create  to allow brands to receive brand registry perks before your brand is officially approved for a trade mark. 

How does this program work?
Amazon set up a way for you to obtain intellectual property rights and brand protection faster.

They can do this by connecting you to a "curated network of trusted IP law firms". When you use this list you do no need to wait for your trademark to get accepted into Amazon's Brand Registry Program in order to access some of the beneficial features of Brand Registry.  

What does this mean for you as a seller?

You receive access to 
  • Protect Your Brand on Amazon
  • Create A+ Content and Brand Stores
  • Use Amazon's Social Platform Amazon Posts and Amazon Live
  • Manage Your Experiments and Attribution
This will elevate your brand and sales on Amazon.

What are the red flags for this program?

Amazon's list is currently only made up of a US Network limiting who is allowed to apply.

If your trademark is denied you will lose your brand registry and all of the perks listed above.

You are using Amazon's Network, which may mean faster, but does not necessarily mean the least expensive option. Even though this is the case we still recommend  using the program with all of the great benefits including expediting access to opportunties.

What Now?
You can apply to Amazon IP Accelerator here. And reach-out to us if you have any questions before you get started. We are here to help.

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